Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week #4 - Breakfast is good, mmkay?

Winding down from a fantastic weekend of camping and friends and fellowship out at Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, TX. It was our first time out there and we loved it!  Smaller than TRF and a lighter crowd, beautiful trees and slopes to the property... such a pretty spot. Highly recommend! PLUS, we got to see our son Jayce!! He is currently a squire with New Riders of the Golden Age and is training to be a jouster.  We are SO proud of him!!!

Update from last week:

  • Wake up times good, not oversleeping, wake up time varies depending on where I have to be in the morning
  • Warm water right when I wake up - check!
  • 10 minutes of meditation every day - yup, and lots more while camping
  • Bedtime... still getting into bed before midnight except on a couple nights I was up late packing.. but like Anjali pointed out on our weekly call - that's not a normal weekend, it was a new activity so I don't need to dwell on those late nights. The point is consistency when I have a routine schedule at home. 
  • Breakfast.  Well... I didn't have juice or oatmeal on any day. Didn't plan very well. LOL But I DID have breakfast every day! It was grabbing a GoMacro bar and a banana or having breakfast at a restaurant.. but that is a totally new behavior for me. I usually skip breakfast and have just coffee, which I know isn't good for my system.  What I noticed was my metabolism musta kicked in cuz I was starving by lunchtime. 

The meditation is really helping in the mornings. I'm starting my day calmly and not just jumping into the shower. I'm making sure I have enough time for my 10 minutes and still have plenty of time to get ready and out the door. This weekend I spent so much time looking into a fire and up at the clouds and watching leaves blow... it was a magical place and my mind has been so peaceful all weekend.  

This week I've started to notice the things I say that are a judgement or are an expression of my opinion... and a lot of times, if I'm agreeing with someone else on an opinion (which is just a nice way of saying "this is my judgment of this"), then I'm just judging right along with them... in a positive or negative way. SIMPLE things that most people probably wouldn't consider a judgment, but I do...

This traffic is ridiculous!
She should have known better.
Oh now, that's just WRONG.
It's really jacked up he did that to you.

Stuff like that. And when I think about it, what do phrases like that do?  How do they help or support another person? It's just my ego agreeing with you. My judgment about <insert blank> is in alignment with you. There, does your ego feel better?

The Buddha isn't someone who spoke with judgment. So often his answers were in code, some sort of riddle to be figured out.. and it makes sense - if he just gave out the answer, it would be his judgment of the situation and whatever he thinks. Rather than giving a straight answer, The Buddha would have folks complete a task until they realized the lesson/answer themselves. He didn't need to bring his ego into it - it was more helpful and a greater lesson to give someone the pathways to learn it... we learn best by doing, right? :)

If I stay aware and work to eliminate these types of statements, I'm seeing where I won't be saying much in some situations... I'll be listening. If I can't say something encouraging or loving, then I should work on silence and not engage and add to the drama... cuz that's basically what I'm doing every time I agree about how "wrong" something is. *sigh* It just IS. Some people might think I'm not making any sense - "What's wrong with agreeing with someone?" - and that's ok, I don't expect everyone to be able to follow me on some of these thoughts I'm having, but they make sense to me. 

I love comfortable silences. Had lots of em this weekend, too. One of my favorite things is to sit around a campfire and look at the stars and say nothing at all. 

Changing gears - In Falacos news, I just ordered compostable food packaging stuffs!! Keepin it GREEN, baby!

New activities for this coming week:
  • Continue with activities from last week, including breakfast of some kind every day.
  • New bedtime routine. I pointed out to Anjali that on nights I get home around 8:30-9, I'm in bed closer to midnight or a little after. The new practice this week is on nights I don't get home that late, I am heading TO bed at 11:30 and IN sheets before 12.  Working to make this new practice consistent. 
Hope your weekend was full of smiles and love. Happy Valentines, y'all!

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