Friday, January 15, 2016

My first time...

Hello world!!

Yes, it's true... it's my first time... blogging. Lol

I wanted to a few years ago but never got started for two, now-obvious reasons: 1. I didn't know what to say and 2. I didn't have anyone to hold me accountable. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but with no direction it just didn't stick. I'm thinking this blog will be a good way to journal and release all these thoughts in my head.  I don't really mind if people read it, if they do, GREAT! I hope it inspires someone out there to be more open, vulnerable and get after their dreams - cuz time's a'wastin', y'all!  Anyhoos, NOW I have something to say AND someone to hold me accountable (several someones, in fact) to doing this... which is good for me. I need my buddies.  I have not been successful at maintaining a routine of loving self care, so... in 2016, I am trying something new to get a different result.

I've started my year off by making the commitment to work with a health and wellness coach. My friend, Anjali Gadre, is the owner of Inner Bliss Studio in The Woodlands and she offers a program for women called Blissful Goddess Training.  I have been doing some big work on myself these last 4 years.. I have my 12-step programs - Al-Anon and CoDA, active involvement in Pathways to Successful Living Seminars, and have a business coach - Bob Keplinger with ActionCoach but something has been missing. There are things I want to change in my world but haven't been able to... YET. :) When Anjali asked me if I wanted to try her program, my first thought was "oh gosh, I don't think I have time to squeeze that in" but I know my reality is this: If I want to do something, I will MAKE time. If I reeeeeeally want something, I will find a way.

I wanted to try the Blissful Goddess Training and the more I thought about it, the more I realized - I NEED THIS.  My world is about to spin up into some intense chaos with the coming of my new business endeavor, Falacos, and I know my need for routine self care is more important than ever. I don't have great success in doing things by myself - I need support of all kinds. Friends to call and report to, questions to ask myself daily, people to jump on me if I hide... I've learned the value of support, thanks to Pathways, and I've started asking for it ever since.  With support, I can make things happen.

I had my first consult with Anjali yesterday, reviewing my goals and what I want to work on and when I said something about the new business being chaotic she says to me, "Well, what if it WASN'T?"

Guuuurl, you really hit me with that. She is so right - does it HAVE to be chaotic?  What if I knew how to stay calm in the middle of the tornado? (I call my world the little tornado, it moves so fast and crazy-like at times.) If I can learn to stay peaceful, no matter what? BRING IT ON!! Let's DO THIS!

So we're gonna. :) I will be using this blog space to document my growth, lessons, gifts, everything, as a means to keep myself accountable.  And, be a living, working, real testimony to Anjali's work and what she can do to help people reach their personal wellness goals, whatever they may be.

My Blissful Goddess Training started with a consult to determine what I want to create. For me, it looks like a healthy routine, practicing good self care - on purpose!  Things I want to incorporate into my life:
  • Meditate
  • Yoga/exercise
  • Read
  • Enough sleep
  • Meal planning
  • Stress management
Anjali will be helping me on this journey to building good habits and I am soooo stoked for this! We will be checking in with each other at least once per week to review progress, sometimes more often than that. Having my own personal self-care accountability partner is EXACTLY what I need! 

Thank you Anjali... I'm *really* lookin forward to this. :)


  1. I repeat this to myself often (I don't always follow it, but I still say it). "Stress is a reaction, NOT a condition".

  2. Excited to read the next one! :) I'm kinda glad I didn't remember to come check out your blog til now .. I'll be able to read a months work in one shot and see the progress! Love you!