Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week #7 - Time for fuel.

This past week was pretty rockin. :) Super charged from my relaxing weekend, I've been feeling more chill, calm, present and happy. AMAZING what can happen when I get off technology and work on connecting with the earth.. it's like magic! We have veggies and herbs and I'm so excited. :)

Check in from last week:
  • Morning routine - CHECK! In fact, spent 15-20 minutes meditating some mornings. Not planned but had the extra time, so took it! I love starting my day with a calming wake up time and no phone or email or FB... it sets the tone for the whole day!
  • Bedtime alarm for 11:15. While I didn't have the alarm set every night, I stayed very aware of the time and I got in bed before midnight. Getting better sleep!
  • Off phone by 8 pm. This wasn't perfect but HOLY COW, I am LOOOVING being off the phone! Just being present with the people in my space is a wonderful thing.. really enjoying being still and sometimes taking moments to think about absolutely nothing - cuz I CAN!!
Had another check in with the food truck, too... which, btw, she has a NAME!! Finally decided on Evelyn, naming her after my grandma - her name is Evelyn Colleen Barton.  She is so precious to me and I have lots of fond memories of us doing stuff in the kitchen together when I was little, so it seemed fitting. The burners are in, decals placed and will be applied, now just waiting on the wooden counter on the outside and it's GO TIME!!!

Will be travelling to Chicago this week, I'm on the March Basic staff for Pathways to Successful Living and I'm so grateful to be going - Pathways is my mojo recharge!! I get to be of service and support a class of students (who I was once) and also have the opportunity to do my own self work and grow over the weekend.  I always learn so much from the folks in the class - know how they say "others are a mirror of us"?  Well... that's very true. :)

New goal for this week:
  • My morning routine has been going great and my nighttime routine is getting better - getting offa that phone was #1, such a distraction - so now we are going to focus on fueling my body better.  I've been having some form of breakfast each day, so now it's time to work on LUNCH. I checked my calendar when we had our call on Thursday, to see which days in the next week I already had reserved for lunch - all the rest would be eligible for my new lunch routine. Friday, Saturday, today, Monday and Wednesday were all available.  Admittedly, I lacked proper groceries to have a decent lunch on Friday and Saturday (went to store last night) but I DID have a protein shake both days and that was a new behavior! Better than my usual habit of nothing, lol, so I'm glad to say I got something in my system. Got salad fixins at the store last night so today, Monday and Wednesday are all on schedule for a healthy lunch! Amazing what happens when I plan and get the stuff I need for my goal and just focus on a week at a time. THAT'S MANAGEABLE! :)
Self care has been my focus throughout this journey and I know eating proper meals is a big part of good self care.. I admit - I am lazy when it comes to food prep on a daily basis. LOL... oh the irony - I'll cook for other people but lazy when it comes to cooking for myself. :) This is a new behavior for me and a big deal - I need ENERGY with this new business I got goin on! 

Time to get back out to my garden - daylight is burnin!!

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