Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week #10 - Recharged, back to nature and feeling present.

Back from an incredibly powerful weekend in Chicago - participated in the Basic Seminar of Pathways to Successful Living and I'm totally ON FIYAH!! I love the connection I feel and epiphanies I have during these seminars... It's indescribable. We are all humans, learning to live life to the fullest and how to get along together, loving each other from an accepting and compassionate place - and Pathways has taught me so much.  #Falacos wouldn't be happening if it weren't for #PathwaysSeminars.  That was a pivotal, life changing experience for me and I've had a fire lit inside of me ever since.  It's powerful beyond measure and I love sharing it with the people around me.

While in Chicago, we went exploring and I finally got to see "The Bean"!  It was too cool!!

Check in from last week:
  • Keep up all routines - meditate each morning for 10-20 minutes, have breakfast of some kind, every day. Off phone and start wind down at 8 pm. Move to bed by 11:15, asleep by midnight.  The bedtime was way off this week but with travel, that was to be expected. Definitely had breakfast - something about exercising the mind and personal growth that makes me HUNGRY! 
  • The new activity was to start meditating for 5 minutes before bed because while out of town at the seminar, my days are very full and my body is sometimes exhausted but my mind can't shut off and I don't sleep well out of town. This worked GREAT while I was on vacation - but then stopped doing it when I got home. DOH! That wasn't the goal, this was to be a new thing! LOL Realized this on our call this week and decided to make that my refocus this week going forward.  
I knew when I got home from Chicago it was gonna be GO TIME for my new food truck, Evelyn, and I reeeeeeally wanted to solve my "I need an employee ASAP" dilemma before I left.  Coach Bob advised me to stick with my circle and just put it out to people I know and see what happens.  I wrote out an employee vision describing all the qualities I wanted in a teammate (who I want to eventually run this truck) and posted it all around on some foodie groups on Facebook.  Some people shared it and I got an email from a very motivated individual. Long story short, I interviewed Daniel and hired him before I went to Chicago! YAHOO!!! Daniel totally rocks, loves eating clean and staying fit - and he's bilingual too, which was a bonus on my vision! Thanks, universe!!! :)  Had our first day of training on Evelyn last Friday - we are so stoked and ready to get cookin on this baby!!

Our big OPENING DAY is coming up on April 7th at the Farmers Market in Conroe!! I can't believe we are only a few weeks away!! We are planning to be at every Farmers Market in Conroe this year - always remember first Thursday from 4-8. :)

My birthday was March 15th, the day after I got home from Chicago. I came home to find such a wonderful gift - Benny had been working in the garden and it looks SO FINE!! We are totally gonna have a load of veggies this year and I am really excited about that!!  AND, my wisteria started blooming! Such a great birthday week!!


I let Anjali know my schedule is so full right now, I'm hesitant to take on a new task or focus for this week - I want to definitely refocus on the night-time meditation and make that a habit this week. She suggested something simple and awesome, and I've already started.

New goal for this week:
  • Notice the end of my day.  If I start my day at 8 am or before and I end it at 6, that's a 10 hour day - and it's totally ok for me to turn it off and start my ME time from 6-10 pm. Again, we are working to get me in more alignment with the Ayurvedic clock, as much as possible. Late nights with Falacos will totally jack that up, but the idea is to just focus and ask myself "can this wait until 8 am tomorrow?" and if it can, TURN WORK OFF and enjoy my personal family time in the evening. I can do this. Last night, I became aware of 6 pm and even told my office mate "it's time for me to go".. however, I had important things to do that really couldn't wait (cuz I knew it was my only day in the office this week) and I stayed until 8 pm.  The PROGRESS for me tho, is that ordinarily, I would have stayed til 10 cuz I could have and there was stuff to do.  But that stuff could be delegated (so I did) or wait a few more days. Talk about growth for me! Today, I spent my day getting my Food Manager Certification for the City of Houston. Was home before 6, spent some time in the garden, jamming out this blog right now and then DONE! Time for family. 
A new affirmation: I own 2 businesses and I have a peaceful life.

Hell. Yes. If it's gonna be, it's up to me! I choose to be present and peaceful.  That's where it's at!


  1. Dude you're totally rocking it!!!!

  2. We remain in total amazement of you - your energy, your passion, your love. You bring our world happiness and hope! ❤️❤️