Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week #9 - Travelling and new tasks.

Checking in a little early this week - leaving bright and early for Chicago to be of service and on staff for the March Basic class of Pathways to Successful Living Seminars. I will be all tied up on Sunday, so Anjali and I had our call today and I wanted to get this blog out before I left. :)

I love Pathways weekends - a super powerful recharge that gets my mind in alignment and my soul on FIYAH.  What would you do with an inspirational weekend that could change your life?  I was skeptical at first... now? HA!!! I'd pay 3 times the cost and do it all 10 more times, these results in my life are so amazing!  5 years ago, sad, depressed, negative, burnt out... today? LIMITLESS. If you've ever wondered where all my energy and light came from?  Highly recommend Pathways.. it's a game changer for those who are ready!!

Check in from last week:
  • Healthy lunches. Well.... planning is EVERYTHING! As I shared in last Sunday's blog, I lacked groceries so I had a protein shake in lieu of lunch for a couple of days, finally got groceries on Saturday, forgot I had lunch appointment on Monday but still ate well - guacamole salad - and yesterday and today, both were hearty big salads for lunch. NO CRAP FOOD! That's PROGRESS!!! :)
In other Falacos news... WE HAVE A REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM!!  Falacos now has the best drinking water on any food truck - and it ain't in plastic bottles!

Before our call this week, I was thinking up what would be good for me to have as a weekly goal, knowing I'm leaving town and didn't want to try and implement anything new and unrealistic... found it!
New goal for this week:
  • Meditate before bed. I am steadily meditating 10-20 minutes each morning, but not at night before bed.  I will need to relax my mind each night during seminar, so this is a great time to start an evening meditation practice.  Anjali cautioned - not to say I'm going to do 10 minutes every night the first week - only start with 5 minutes.  I can do 5 minutes! 
This is really intriguing - I wasn't looking for results when I started meditating but I'm calmer now, move slower, less chaotic, quieter mind, more attentive and present... I didn't know these things were gonna happen but I'm super happy about it!!  Now that I've been doing it every morning for weeks to prime my day... things are shifting.  In my head, specifically. I wasn't looking for a certain result - I just started meditating. When I get beyond the voice and stay there for awhile, allowing the thoughts to pass by like dandelion seeds floating in the breeze... it's lovely.
A watcher. YES. Not the mind and all its thoughts - it's just a bodily function... To be the watcher and nothing else. Getting in the gap is where it's at!
Namaste, y'all!

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