Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big lessons and adventures in food truckin'..

Things I've noticed...

When I know I have a call with Anjali each week, I'm more inclined to do what I say I'm going to do because I will be checking in with her.  BUT, when we have a break, I am SO QUICK to return to old habits! WTH?!? Anjali is on a wonderful vacation right now and I committed to writing while she was gone... but I'll tell ya... this bedtime thing... yikes. Breaking the 'night owl' habit is challenging! And now I'm thinking about The Four Agreements and 'having integrity with my word'.. ARGH. I frustrate the hell outta myself when I don't keep my integrity with myself. Definitely the toughest agreement for me. Yay for challenges, right? lol

Did GREAT the first week when we started back - in bed by 10:30.  I was exhausted and was getting a good night's sleep from about 10:30-6 or 7 am, depending on the day. According to my sleep app, my sleep quality was 75%++.  I was getting 8 hours of sleep and feeling REALLY good.

Anjali had told me about the Ayurvedic Clock and how important it is to sleep between the hours of 10-6 am... 8 hours of sleep is not always the same, especially if it doesn't include the hours of 10-2am.  I have TOTALLY learned the reality of this.  One day this past weekend, went to bed at 1 am and slept til 9 am... got my 8 hours but holy cow, I was ZONKED trying to wake up in the morning! Same 8 hours but NOT the same 8 hours... there is something seriously important about sleeping during 10-2am.  If I stay awake during that time and instead get my deep sleep from 2-6 am, the grogginess waking up is really noticeable. This is the first time I've ever noticed it, probably because I've never been getting to bed that early before. Like, EVER. LOL... amazing what happens when I get good sleep at the right time of night.

Had a good exercise in staying present and NOT panicking this week. Poor Evelyn had some issues while on the way to a Falacos event...

My post from Facebook:

We had Swift Fleet Services come out Monday to investigate a dash light that kept popping off and on. Figures, it didn't show when Chad came to check us out. Nothing was popping up for him on computer, so no diagnosis.
Thursday, driving down 45, Evelyn decided to tank on us.. She shut down quick, at least we made it to the feeder road.

Taylor Pearl Bonola was ALL OVER IT and got us a wrecker ASAP and Chad on his way to check us out. Rather than towing her home, we towed her to The Millennium Waterway so we could still open for biz!
Chad came and got us fixed up - fuel pumps all ok, lines loose and dirty. He cleaned us up a bit and she fired right back up! YES!!!! New fuel filters are now installed and WE ARE GOOD!!!!
Taylor & Chad with Swift Fleet and Wyatt with AW Towing SAVED OUR ASS! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Let's just say... sitting on the side of the road, blocking traffic, waiting on a wrecker and not knowing what was wrong with Evelyn was a great opportunity to FREAK OUT. I am pretty proud of myself for keeping it together and I telling myself "everything can be fixed, this too shall pass, roll with it".. and it DID. All over in less than 2 hours. WHEW!!!

I'm beyond grateful it was nothing major and we still got to be open for business. I never want to cancel on an event and we were determined to get there, even if we were late. I felt awesome about that - Falacos is committed to our venues FO SHO!

Panick, avoided... and now bedtime.. STILL AVOIDING. GAR!!!  Looking at the time now - time to go home, stop blogging and balancing the checkbook and get my butt in bed. :) See ya around town, gang!

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